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Quickly centralise, enrich and activiate your first-party data.
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How brands can benefit from Wondaris.


Create High Value Audiences

Create & view high-value audiences and send those audiences to your marketing channels for personalisation and optimisation.

Connect Your Data

Connecting, centralising and automating data sources to build a single customer view, helping you understand your customers.

Digital Channels

Activate your 1st party to multiple channels and surfaces.

Data Control

Enabling you to govern your data, control access and implement security protocols at scale.

Drive similar marketing outcomes to this Financial Services brand...

With Wondaris CDP, a leading Australian superannuation fund was able to centralise first-party customer data, to rapidly segment high-value audiences and activate highly personalised ad campaigns that showcased amazing results.


average Click-Through Rate across Paid Media campaigns


average Cost-Per-Click across Paid Media campaigns.

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This guide provides an overview of a CDP, when and where it is most valuable, and what to consider when looking for the right CDP.
CDP Buyers Guide

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What is First Party Data?
First-party data is a company’s closest ally in understanding their audience.
Experience-Driven Businesses.
Your competitive advantage comes from your ability to deliver a superior experience for your target audience.
Insights Without Action is like Fire Without Heat.
Activating and targeting that audience at the right time, right place and with the right message.
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