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Improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency

Use RFM and Propensity models to build exclusion lists from online and offline purchase and behavioural data to reduce wastage and drive more effective campaigns. Using data-driven marketing strategies to exclude existing customers, recent purchases or low-value customer segments, you can reduce campaign cost and drive cost efficiencies.

Improve customer loyalty, drive more profitable experiences

Use CLTV (Calculated Lifetime Value) to identify high-value audience segments for retention and acquisition campaigns. High CLTV audiences can be used as seed audiences for acquisition campaigns using 3rd party lookalike campaigns. The same audiences can be targeted for retention and loyalty campaigns to reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value.
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Reduce churn and improve the profitability of the Customer LifeCycle

Utilise the predicted churn model to identify at-risk customers for one to one activation and exclusive offers to drive re-engagement and improve customer experience with the Wondaris CDP solution.

Improve Customer Engagement with Personalisation at Scale

Unify online and offline purchase data to a Single Customer View to form a more comprehensive profile of your customers for more specific and personalised messaging at scale.

cdp solution

React quickly to market opportunities

Quickly and easily build audiences to address specific market forces and short term opportunities. The Audience Builder is a quick and simple way to effectively build audiences without requiring SQL or coding.

Use AI to Identify high-value customer clusters

Identify hidden value in your data with AI. The Wondaris cluster model helps identify high value audience cohorts from your customer data as your cdp solution.
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