Insights without action is like fire without heat

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Wondaris • October 3, 2020

Releasing the value of an audience means activating and targeting that audience at the right time, right place and with the right message. 

Understanding how an audience has been built, and the common behaviours and attributes that bond the individuals within it, can help shape the right messaging to engage them. Getting that message to them at the right time and place requires the reach and targeting capabilities of multiple advertising and communication platforms.

“Data in isolation does not represent value. Value is realised only once it is actioned.”

Advanced targeting solution across many of the larger DSP’s now means that you can utilise audiences from your 1st party data to either target them directly 1-to-1 or use the data to build larger lookalike audiences with greater accuracy and commonality with your existing customers.

This capability varies from one platform to another, however, because of the complexity and time involved in getting the right data on to the different platforms, most businesses don't realise the full value of their data.


Wondaris allows you quickly and easily to push your audiences into any activation platform that can ingest audience / behavioural / or event data. And automate future pushes to ensure you are always using the most current and accurate data.

With an increasing number of destinations already available and the ability to build custom destinations, Wondaris supercharges your existing ecosystem by empowering first-party data.

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