Wondaris is a Customer Data Platform that drives business outcomes


Wondaris is a Customer Data Platform that drives business outcomes

Leverage your 1st Party Data, Drive better Customer Experience

Wondaris is the data platform for marketers; it helps you quickly and easily explore or build high-value audiences from your 1st party data and activate into multiple channels with simple clickable workflows.
  • Wondaris helps realise value from 1st party data without the need for internal Data Science or Engineering capabilities.
  • Reduce the time to activation and drives more effective marketing campaigns.
  • Empower you to better leverage your data within your existing technology stack.
  • Democratise data, streamline internal processes and deliver massive savings in time and resource cost.
Relevant, timely and accessible
Data security, governance and privacy
Efficient and effective marketing

Fast Track Deployment

Designed to be set up iteratively, the wondaris platform can be implemented and deliver value quickly. With flexible data ingestion and modelling, the platform allows you to activate against high-value audiences in weeks, not years, and then iterate data onboarding over time.

Data Security and Compliance

Manage and activate your data within a privacy-safe environment with complete control over who can access your data, what data they can access and how and where it can be activated. Plus, automatic data configuration for different activation destinations, including automatically hashing all PII (Personally identifiable information) when sending to platforms not authorised to receive PII.

Complete Control and Ownership

As a single-tenant SaaS product, Wondaris already offers the best in class security for your data, but for those looking for even greater control Wondaris is available as PaaS for Google Cloud customers.

Empower your existing tech stack with first party data.

Designed to be integrated with your CRM, Martech, and Adtech, Wondaris empowers your existing tech stack with 1st party data. With simple, intuitive and clickable workflows, the platform can be managed by marketing teams, reducing the cost of ownership and integrations into existing technology eco-systems significantly reduces the time and effort required for the onboarding process and time to value.
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