Wondaris + Google

Your Google Customer Match (CMU) Partner

Natively integrate your customer audiences directly in Google Ads.
Quickly and easily empower your Google Ads campaigns with 1st Party Data for more targeted and effective advertising.

Wondaris is available now using a simple native integration through Google’s Customer Match Uploader (CMU) program.

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What Is Google Customer Match (CMU)?

The Wondaris + Google Customer Match (CMU) partnership allows clients to upload high-value audiences securely through simple and clickable workflows.
Google CMU


Quickly integrate your audiences with Google
google customer matching


Easily centralise your data with our simple set up
google customer matching


Unlock the hidden value in your customer database
Google CMU


Create audiences using your 1st party data
google customer matching


Execute Google campaigns using your data sources
For more information follow the below link to read Google's documentation on Google Customer Match and the benefits on joining with a mapping partner like Wondaris.
The CMU partnership allows clients to upload high-value audiences securely through simple and clickable workflows.
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Wondaris joins a group of 3rd party integrators approved by Google to upload Customer Match (CMU) segments within the Google Ads platform

Wondaris Google
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In your Google Ads account, navigate to Tools & Settings & select Linked Accounts


Scroll down to find Wondaris or Search "Wondaris" in the top right search bar


Click on Details


Click Link & Authorise Wondaris


Go to Wondaris and import your Customer Lists
Customer Matching
Whether you are part of a marketing team or are focussed on securing your data, a Customer Data Platform is the solution to your data management.

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