You can increase your Shopify revenue in 3 easy steps.


Quick and easy connection of data into Wondaris


Identify your high value audiences from the Wondaris RFM model


Push audiences into Google and Facebook for more targeted and effective campaigns
  • First, Connect Your Shopify Data Into Wondaris
  • Next, Select High Value Audiences From Our Out-Of-The-Box RFM Model
  • Then, Activate Custom Audiences Into Google and Facebook

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Increase your AOV and ROI in 3 Easy Steps

1. Connect
2. Select
3. Activate
Quickly and Easily Targeting Your High Value Customers Into Facebook and Google
Use Wondaris with Shopify to drive more effective campaigns
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Wondaris enables marketers to quickly centralise their 1st party data and easily enrich, explore and activate their audiences from a single click into multiple channels to deliver better customer experiences and accelerate ROI.
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