Drive better experiences with a single customer view.

Break down data siloes to build a fully enriched single view of your customer.
Wondaris Customer Data Platform connects, centralises, and automates data sources into an easily accessible single view of customer, making segmentation and high-value campaign activation easy at scale.
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Data is most valuable when it’s combined, accessible, and actionable.

Having a single centralised view of customer via Wondaris enables marketing and customer teams to access key customer data, while ensuring data and security teams are satisfied with how data is secured and managed.
Jane Doe
Website analytics
Jane Doe
CRM database
Jane Doe
Operations database
Jane Doe
Point Of Sale database
Jane Doe
Centralise Data
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Sally Citizen
Jane Doe
Unified customer record
Jane Doe
Persistent ID
Jane Doe
Personal details
Jane Doe
Purchase history
Jane Doe
Store visits
Jane Doe
Website behaviours
Jane Doe

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Drive similar marketing outcomes to this Financial Services brand...

With Wondaris CDP, a leading Australian superannuation fund was able to centralise first-party customer data, to rapidly segment high-value audiences and activate highly personalised ad campaigns that showcased amazing results.


average Click-Through Rate across Paid Media campaigns


average Cost-Per-Click across Paid Media campaigns.

Whether you are part of a marketing, customer, or data team, a Customer Data Platform will enable a Customer View that is secure and actionable for your entire organisation.

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