Wondaris Becomes Google CMU Partner

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Wondaris • May 11, 2022

Note: This is an excerpt from our May 6th Press Release.

Read it here.

What is CMU (Customer Match)?

Google’s Customer Match is an advertising tool that enables users to create custom segments from their existing customers by leveraging their 1st Party Data. Previously, users had to manually upload data files, or invest in development to build through Google’s API.  

Through the partnership, Wondaris joins a group of endorsed 3rd party providers that are able to upload this data via a native integration, thereby mitigating the data security and integrity risks involved with manual data entry processes.  

High-Value Audiences

The Wondaris and Google CMU will allow businesses to upload high-value audiences securely through simple and clickable workflows.

“We are excited to offer this powerful automation tool for our customers,” remarked Wondaris CEO Simon Pereira.

“Through the CMU integration, a process that might have taken marketers and data teams several days manually can now be managed with a few clicks, in a privacy-compliant way.”

Find Wondaris In Google

Wondaris can be found directly in the Google Ad Platform by following these steps.

Step 1.
In your Google Ads account, navigate to Tools & Settings & select Linked Accounts.

Step 2.
Scroll down to find Wondaris or Search "Wondaris" in the top right search bar.

Step 3.
Click on Details.

Step 4.
Click Link & Authorise Wondaris.

Step 5.
Go to Wondaris and import your Customer Lists.

Customer Match

Integrate With Wondaris

Wondaris is a cloud-based customer data platform that helps companies quickly and easily build high-value audiences from their 1st party data and activate them into multiple marketing channels with simple, clickable workflows.

We provide a complete data ownership and portability solution, with the ability to centralise data from any of the public cloud vendors, including Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure and Snowflake, either via the pre-built connectors or businesses’ existing integration stack.

Wondaris offers businesses a privacy-safe, secure, and infinitely scalable environment to leverage and manage 1st Party Data to drive more effective marketing and better customer experiences.

Want to try Wondaris? Get in touch.

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