Are your marketing & CX teams speaking the same language?

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Wondaris • May 9, 2022

If you’ve worked in the marketing or sales industries for a while, you’ll likely recall when customer experience (CX) and marketing teams operated in a siloed fashion, sometimes even with different strategic objectives and KPIs. 

While marketing personnel are typically focussed on attracting and acquiring new customers to the company, and the relevant positioning of the product or service within the market, CX teams are more interested in how a customer is treated and onboarded, and their impression of the brand, after they’ve shown interest and converted as a user.

Why Does It Matter?

With online integration more ubiquitous than ever, it now makes more sense for marketing and CX teams to be coordinated, both in their efforts and their respective technologies. Messaging needs to be carried through from end to end for a customer to have a positive and consistent brand experience.

Same Goal, Different Lens

Whilst they might be considered distinct functions from a company standpoint, consumers don’t differentiate between these stages; they just want to have a positive interaction overall with the brand and have a company follow through on what was promised to them.

So, the challenge both CX and Marketing teams are facing is ultimately one and the same: “How do we drive stronger engagement and deliver a more personalised experience to our customers - in turn, improving conversions, lifetime value and profitability?” 

How To Bridge The Gap

Industry jargon can get in the way of different teams being able to connect and see where department objectives overlap. To help bridge the gap, here is a guide of the main functions of the CX and Marketing teams, and the common terms they each use in their day-to-day operations. Understanding the similarities, and equivalent terminology will lead to greater company cohesion and therefore an improved experience for customers.



Utilising these insights, teams can work together to develop a cross-channel plan to articulate and deliver on brand promises, and align the customer journey and all its touchpoints to the company’s mission and values.

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