Try the Wondaris CDP

The Ultimate Customer Data Platform

Try the Wondaris CDP

The Ultimate Customer Data Platform

Your CDP Solution

Wondaris is the Customer Data Platform for marketers; it helps you quickly and easily explore or build high-value audiences from your 1st party data and activate into multiple channels with simple clickable workflows.

Why Choose a CDP?

The primary goal of a CDP is to provide a unified omnichannel view of your customer and 1st party marketing data and provide you with the insights required to help engage your customers more personally and effectively at scale.

Create High Value Audiences

Create & view high-value audiences and send those audiences to your marketing channels for personalisation and optimisation.

Connect Your Data

Connecting, centralising and automating data sources to build a single customer view, helping you understand your customers.

Digital Channels

Activate your 1st party to multiple channels and surfaces.

Data Control

Enabling you to govern your data, control access and implement security protocols at scale.

Google Customer Match Integration

Wondaris is now a native partner in Google. 

This integrated Customer Matching (CMU) allows you to upload high-value audiences securely through simple and clickable workflows for campaign execution and remarketing.

Why Integrate With Google?

CMU Google Partnership Benefits


Quickly integrate the Wondaris CDP with Google


Easily centralise your data with our simple set up


Unlock the hidden value in your customer database


Create audiences using your 1st party data


Execute Google campaigns using your data sources

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