There’s been a fair bit of talk about data security lately (you may have seen a certain telco get a few minutes of press time?) It’s certainly not a one-off incident, nor a topic that is likely to go away in the near future, particularly as we move into a privacy-led world of 1st party data.

As a result, organisations are under ever-increasing pressure to make sure they have the processes and technology in place to protect any information that they wish to collect, store and use.  And it makes sense; your business depends on your customers, and your customers have the right to know that any data they consent to share with you will be kept safe.

How can a CDP help?

There is a multitude of ways to help keep customer data safe, including only capturing the information you really need, ensuring only those who need access to that data do (and with robust password management), and implementing strong security standards.

Designed to bring all customer information under one roof, a Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides an important role in properly handling and protecting this data. CDPs such as Wondaris manage and activate data within a privacy-safe environment, with complete control over who can access data, what data they can access, and how and where it can be activated.

When it comes to data protection, the benefits of a CDP include features that allow you to:

When it comes to gaining (and then using) information about your customers, trust is everything. Giving your audiences confidence that their data is being handled and stored securely is key to long-term engagement and loyalty to a brand - and increases the likelihood of them sharing more about themselves over time.

Privacy regulations and compliance demands will continue to evolve, so having robust systems and processes in place to protect data and prevent breaches is critical for all organisations, for both brand reputation and delivering the best customer experience.

The Wondaris CDP allows you to securely link all of your business and marketing data sources so you can better understand what’s driving people to your brand and how you can ensure they stay loyal to you long-term. To discuss how a CDP can best protect your customer data, connect with the Wondaris team today.

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