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Wondaris is the Customer Data Platform for marketers and data teams.

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How Can A CDP Help Your Business?

Provide a unified omnichannel view of your customer and 1st party marketing data.

Empower you with the insights required to help engage your customers more personally and effectively at scale.

Allow your company to govern data, control access, and implement security protocols at scale.
Google CMU

Exclusion Lists

google customer matching

Abandoned Carts

google customer matching

Lookalike Audiences

Google CMU

Customer Retention

google customer matching

CRM Data

A Customer Data Platform can ingest all of this data to securely deliver a unified view of your customers.

Activate Audiences Into Digital Channels

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads

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CDP Buyers Guide
This guide provides an overview of a Customer Data Platform, when and where it is most valuable, and what to consider when looking for the right CDP.

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